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Head Injuries


Head injuries can manifest themselves in a number of ways - dizziness, loss of memory, trouble sleeping, pain, trouble with speech, headaches, difficulty learning, or other indicators.


Some brain injuries result in a change of mood. The human brain is a 3lb bundle of nerves with the electrical activity that occurs in the brain on a day-to-day basis accounting for a good portion of our daily calorie intake. According to Dr. David Eagleman, a cubic centimeter of the human brain contains as many connections as there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The human brain is simply the most complex machine in the universe. As such, even slight disturbances to the brain can cause huge consequences.


For example, if you were to drop you cell phone on the ground from from just a few feet, you might experience problems with connecting to wi-fi or maybe certain apps might not work. The brain is no different, except that it is much more complex. A blow to the back of the head, prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain, or hitting your head on the steering wheel of your car can cause numerous conditions. Some of those conditions are easy to detect and diagnose. Others require a trained neurologist or psychiatrist to create a treatment plan. Our office has successfully handled many brain injury cases, ensuring that our clients have been able to receive the treatment plans they require.


 Minor traumatic brain injuries (concussions)


Even minor blows to the head from things like falls, car accidents, or sports can cause serious lasting injuries. Contact your doctor right away if you believe that you have a concussion and click below to see how you can protect your rights.


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